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Thank you for your interest in Timist. I am always open to review and interview requests, and obviously more than interested to find out what you’ve written about Timist, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The same goes for any questions about the app.

You can contact me at timist@startpunkt.io.

What is Timist?

Timist is a time tracking app for iOS, that combines a Pomodoro-like Session System with a way to maintain a record of where you spent your time. With the unique Timist Session System and near endless customization, Timist adapts to the way you work. And it helps you to become more focused, more productive, and less stressed.

Timist offers a basic experience (“Timist free mode”) for free, which includes the option to add up to 5 timers and using the Timist Session System with its predetermined global settings.

Timist Pro is a monthly or yearly subscription in the app, which unlocks the complete Timist Session System, unlimited timers and a lot more.

Timist is developed by Benedict Bartsch, an independent developer from Germany.

Key Features

  • Timist Session System: work in focused bursts and take short breaks in between to maintain your productivity. Timist makes it as easy as flicking a switch.
  • Customizability: Change everything about Timist to fit just the way you work. Customize session and break lengths, notifications, end-of-session actions, and much more - on a global level and individually for every timer.
  • Analytics: Beautiful charts let you take a deep dive into where you spent your time, for every day, month or year. The calendar view lets you see how your sessions are spread across your days.
  • Smart bottom navigation: iPhones are getting bigger, but our hands are not. Timist puts all the most important actions in the control panel, right where you need it the most. Unless you have really, really long thumbs.
  • Privacy: All your data stays on your device, where it belongs. Shouldn’t really be a selling feature, yet here we are in 2020.

Why might you care about time tracking?

Time is a non-renewable resouce, of which we only have so much. Tracking where you spend your time can help you make more informed decisions in your life and work. Tracking your time can also make you more accountable, to yourself and others.

Timist combines time tracking with the unique Timist Session System, that enables you to spend your time in creative and focused bursts, with the option of a short break afterwards. Short breaks in between sessions of focused work can increase your cognitive capabilities and are great for motiviation.
Limited time on work sessions can also serve as a way to timebox your tasks and fights Parkinson’s law. The law is based on an observation that work always fills the available time, no matter how long - so limiting the amount of time for a certain task can help to not inflate it.

What is new in the app?

The most recent update to the app is v2020.11, released on August 4, 2020. Check out the Updates page for everything that is new.

Timist Pro

Timist offers a free mode, which allows the user to add up to 5 timers, set global settings for the Timist Session System and get a preview of the full Timist Analytics.

To unlock the full Timist experience, users can subscribe to Timist Pro on a monthly or yearly basis, with prices currently at 2.49 USD for a month and 19.99 USD for a full year. Prices may vary due to exchange rates in different countries, so best check the offering in your local App Store. As per Apple’s subscription system, users can cancel their subscription at any time up to 24 hours before the next renewal.

Please check the FAQ for a full list of all Timist Pro features.


Timist is available for the iPhone and supports all devices that run iOS 13 (starting with the iPhone 6s). Timist requires iOS 13 to be installed.

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Images and Icons

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Timist Screenshots

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Timist home dark
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About the developer

Timist was conceived and created by Benedict Bartsch, an independent developer in Aachen, Germany. You can read more about Benedict on his blog Work.Life.Whatever, or find him on Twitter.

I (this is me talking) created the app because I was frustrated with the time tracking apps I was using in the past - so I decided to make my own. I am happy to make myself available to any journalists, bloggers, or podcasters wishing to discuss the Timist app or the business of indepentend iOS development. Get in touch via Twitter or email to schedule an appointment.