v2020.6 - released 3. April 2020


  • Fixed an issue with delivered and pending notifications not being correctly removed.

v2020.5 - released 27. March 2020


  • Fixed an issue where the actions on notifications would not show up anymore.

v2020.4 - released 26. March 2020

A bit more whimsy, reminders if you ever forget to stop a timer and an all new onboarding - this one’s got it all.


  • Timist will now show you the total time you tracked in settings - and what it equates to in the real world. Fun facts, with new ones coming all the time.
  • Timist will now send you a notification for unusually long running timers. Should you ever forget to stop one, we’ve now got you covered. These reminders will be specific for every timer and are included in the free version.


  • The Sessions and Breaks settings now look slightly different. They should be a lot easier to use and understand.
  • Reminders for elapsed sessions and breaks are now included in the free version.
  • The onboarding experience has changed dramatically. You should now understand the app a lot better - and have it customised to your liking.


  • Fixed an issue where the app would crash on starting a new session. Timers that were supposed to be stopped were still behaving like they were active and wrecking the party for everyone.

v2020.3 - released 27. January 2020

This is just a quick bugfix update.


  • Changed a few labels to reflect the change to Timist Pro in 2020.1.

v2020.2 - released 4. January 2020

This is just a quick bugfix update. Check out 2020.1 for the big Timist Pro update.

v2020.1 - released 3. January 2020

Timist Pro

Introducing Timist Pro: the most advanced version of Timist. And with it comes a basic Timist experience for free, a lightweight version of Timist to get you started. I’m super excited about this, so let’s dig in.

With Timist Pro, you can:

  • Add unlimited Timers
  • View advanced analytics
  • Customise the Session System to your liking…
  • … and also change it for every timer
  • Get custom notifications for Sessions and Breaks
  • Archive unused Timers

With the new Timist free mode, you can start a timer for free. Add up to 5 timers and try the powerful Timist Session System.


  • Timist Subscription is now Timist Pro. If you were already subscribed, nothing changes for you.
  • Timist now includes the Timist Free mode: Add up to 5 timers in the free mode and give the powerful Timist Session System a try.


  • The subscription flow is dramatically improved. Now you actually now what’s happening.


  • Fixed an issue where the app could crash on archiving a timer.

v2019.4 - released 12. October 2019

Welcome to the Dark Side

Thanks to iOS 13, Timist now has a beautiful dark mode that is easier on the eyes - for all the night owls, and those who check on their hours after a long day of work. And of course for everyone else.

Also, there is a new Calendar View, which shows how your sessions are spread across your day.

Dark view of main timer list
Calendar view in dark mode

The new calendar view shows your sessions’ position in the day - dark and light.


  • You can now check out your history in the new calendar view. Simply swipe left from the regular bar charts and get an overview of how your sessions are spread out across your days. More of a night owl than an early bird? It’s never been easier to find that out.
  • Speaking of night owls, Timist’s new Dark Mode makes it easier on the eyes in dark environments. For now, Timist simply follows the system setting - more customisation is coming soon!


  • The bar chart in the history view now correctly displays sessions that span multiple days. Previously, the entire duration of the timer would be displayed on the day the timer started. Now it can span multiple days.
  • The timer detail view now shows the total time of the current week instead of the trailing seven days to better reflect the bar chart (which only shows the current week).


  • Fixed some layout issues on smaller iPhones (SE-size).
  • Fixed an issue where the history would not update when sessions where deleted.
  • Fixed a crash in Settings. UISearchController and iOS 13 don’t like each other right now.
  • Fixed the display of total time on certain timers, where breaks would be counted as active time as well.

v2019.3 - released 31. July 2019

This is a minor update to fix a couple of bugs. Not much to see here.


  • Fixed an issue where the currently running timer was not displayed correctly in the timer detail view.
  • Fixed an issue where the bar chart in the main timer view was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where at the end of a timer when starting the break automatically was disabled, the stop timer button would not show (and only the start break button was visible).
  • Fixed an issue where both last week and the week before would display as last week in the History. Going back exactly seven days leads you to the same weekday - who knew?
  • Fixed an issue where the timer name would not truncate correctly and push the total timer display out of the cell.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty history view would get no colours to display and crash into an existential crisis.
  • Fixed an issue where the disclosure indicators in the control panel went missing. Found them now.
  • Fixed an issue where the timer name would eclipse its duration in the events view.

v2019.2 - released 19. July 2019

This is the first update - with many, many more to come.


  • The preview of the currently running timer will now also show in the timer detail view.
  • The app now informs you about the newest updates right in the app. Head over to settings to check it out!


  • Timers that spanned two days would not show up on the quick history on the main screen.

I also fought a nasty bug on the iOS 13 Public Beta 2 for 10 hours… which then just went away on the Public Beta 3. Good times.

v2019.1 - released 11. July 2019


This is the initial release - which means everything is new. Welcome to Timist 🙂

The initial release features:

  • Detailed Analytics
  • The Timist Session System
  • Timers and Events
  • Customisation for Timers
  • Notification System for end of Timers and Breaks

… and a lot more. And this is only the beginning. Stay tuned!