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Your most personal time tracker

Take control of your time and productivity.

With the unique Timist Session System and near endless customization, Timist adapts to the way you work. And it helps you to become more focused, more productive and less stressed.

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v2020.11, August 4, 2020 (Updates)

The Timist Session System

Productivity at your fingertips

Deep focus, then recharge.

The Timist Session System lets you define custom sessions and breaks to let you alternate between deep focus and short breaks - to maximise your productivity.

Custom notifications remind you to take a break and get back to work.

And if you want to work without the countdown, you can obviously do that too.

Timist analytics

Insights at a glance

Your time. Accountable.

Timist has powerful analytics as its core.

See what your weekly overview is right from the timer list. Or drill down and get detailed reports for every day, week, month or even year.

Beautiful charts show you where your precious time went - both in total and in relation to one another.

Timist app is extremly customisable

Just the way you work

Totally customisable.
On every level, for every Timer.

Timist adapts to the way you work. The app allows you to set custom durations for sessions, breaks, long breaks - both as a global default and specific for every timer.

And of course Timist’s Session System can be enabled or disabled on a timer level.

Want your take-a-break notifications only for a few timers and in different intervals? Timist has you covered.

And a whole lot more.

Privacy first. All your data is always private and secure and cannot be accessed by anyone other than you.

Long breaks. Let Timist automatically remind to you take longer breaks when working.

Fully native. Timist is right at home on iOS as a fully native Swift app and uses the platform to its fullest extent.

Smart bottom navigation. iPhones are getting bigger, so Timist’s control panel is designed specifically for thumb navigation.

Reuse timers. Timist does not require you to set a new timer every time you start a task. Add it once and then start it over and over again it.

Smart backdate. Forgot to start a timer? Timist makes it super easy to backdate a timer.

Dark mode. For all the night owls, and those who check on their hours after a long day of work.

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Unlock the full power of Timist with Timist Pro.

Tags. Use tags to organize your timers and take a deep dive in analytics - especially useful with a lot of timers.

Archiving. Some timers don’t require your attention anymore, so simply archive them and declutter your list - but retain the data.

Reminders. Get reminded at the end of sessions and breaks. Timist will send you a notification - up to 5, should you need a bit of a push.

Settings per timer. Customize the Timist Session System to your liking and set specific settings for every timer.

Custom Icons. Make Timist even more personal and choose from a range of alternate app icons.

Analytics. Take a deep dive into where you spent your time, every day, month and year.

Unlimited timers. Create as many timers as you want and the app can handle. Limit not yet found.

Customize all the things. Change every setting in the Timist Session System to your liking.

Free trial. Cancel anytime.

Start using Timist Pro today with a free trial. After that, Timist Pro is just 2.49$ per month - less than a coffee to regain full control over your time. Or go for the yearly plan for 19.99$ and save up to 33% over the monthly plan.

You can also get started with the Timist free mode - for free, obviously. You can upgrade to Timist Pro at any time.

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A basic Timist experience to get you started.

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Unlock the full power of Timist with Timist Pro.


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